Allowing Your Cat Outside for the First Time

letting your cat outside

If you are a cat, being permitted out and about in to the big, wide world the very first time is an extremely fascinating experience. However if you are a cat owner, allowing your cat out initially might be somewhat worrying – somewhat similar to taking your kids to school the first time. But it is something you will need to experience and a cat’s first couple of excursions in the world require careful oversight from you. You may even need to persuade your cat to come home again.

Thrilling as it is, nearly all cats will never venture out very far on their first trip into the world outside the house. They are going to try to find their bearings first in order that they feel confident about coming back home.

letting your cat outsideIf a cat is used to a litter tray inside your home, he may continue to come indoors to make use of the box when he is first permitted outside, though most cats soon prefer to visit the toilet outside the house after they become accustomed to it.

Once a cat is used to venturing out, it’s essential for both cat and owner to get some independence from one another. The easiest method to accomplish this is by installing a cat flap or door so your cat can come and go while he pleases.

If your cat uses a cat flap, it may be beneficial to obtain one that you can lock at night. A cat’s first steps into the outdoors are fascinating. Cats are naturally curious and will be desperate to investigate anything new and, up to now, unknown. You, as his owner, however, will first feel quite concerned about this occasion. Whenever you allow your cat out initially, it’s best to achieve this progressively, in gentle stages, and to monitor his first few outings quietly, at a distance.

How a Cat Gets Acclimatized

Let the cat out the first time for 30 minutes, say, after which encourage him to come home once again by providing appetising food, or by calling him in a manner that he associates with feeding time. Then let him out for slightly longer the next time, and still longer the third time, and so forth until you are assured that he’s acquainted with his surroundings.

Most cat owners would like to know when it’s safe to permit their cat out for the first time. For those who have a kitten, it shouldn’t be permitted to touch other cats until its vaccination plan is complete, which is generally at about 13 or 14 weeks old, so you ought not allow it to go outdoors until then.

If you acquire a grown-up cat, it ought to be kept safely inside your home for two or three weeks prior to being permitted out, by which time it should have started to see its new home as part of its territory and the location where it gets food and warmth.

His surroundings

Once accustomed to the outdoors surroundings, your cat will come home readily, and you ought to be completely happy to let him out throughout the day.

Before long, he’ll realize that he is able to now do his toilet outdoors within the gardens and you ought to ultimately manage to eliminate using the kitty litter box. In case your cat goes outside, but then comes back in to relieve himself, try putting the litter tray close to the door, or maybe outdoors.

After Dark

It may be best to not allow your cat out during the night – to some extent due to the fact he could get into fights during the night as well as lose his way, and partly due to the chance of cat thieves, who usually find it simpler to work at night time.