Discover These Two Cheap and Healthy Cat Treats

healthy cat treats

healthy cat treats

Do You Know What’s Best for Your Cat’s Health?

People take pleasure in giving their loved ones treats which includes their pet cats. Regrettably, however,cat  treats are infamous for being unhealthy and fattening and the trick is to discover treats which are as beneficial to the cat’s health as they are tasty. Forget about those boxes of dried so-called treats available for sale in pet stores — these are generally full of ash and a prime suspect in triggering kidney complications. A cat owner with a little creativity should enjoy creating unique cat treats.

Play games with your cat when you offer treats: it is the unique, personal attention that the cat values, as much as the food (which most likely are not nearly as good for your cat as you believe)! Some cats having a sweet tooth really like canned fruit in syrup.

Cucumber features amongst a few cats’ favourite treats, to such a degree that one cat was seen to get it out of cucumber sandwiches using a well-aimed claw and to run off with it for his night time feast. Leftover milk puddings, like rice or semolina pudding, are firm favourites among cats.

Tasty but healthy is a dilemma that numerous folks have difficulty with everyday, so they should be sympathetic with their cat’s problem, though it is not actually as bad for the cat since it won’t ever understand what it may have had if its owner had been less thoughtful.


There are lots of items of fresh food that most cats might agree qualify for the broad description of ‘treat’. A variety of kitchen table leftovers will probably be welcomed by a cat, particularly when you factor in that cats require fat a lot more than we do: pieces from the carcass of a chicken, such as the skin; fatty pieces of the joint of lamb or beef; and pieces of bacon rind that we don’t allow ourselves to consume. One additional idea is a bit of raw cheese, that is loaded with protein and which many cats will pounce on with joy. Yeast pills can be a tasty health supplement (to cats!), and if your cat likes cod liver oil, provide him half a teasponful 3 times weekly.

A number of pet cats – especially Siamese – are partial to the occasional portion of fresh tangerine or slice of apple, each of which are good for them, and many cats are acknowledged to like sweet grapes every so often.

Left over fruit and vegetables (softly cooked) are extremely beneficial and many cats won’t turn their noses up at these if they’re included using the gravy from the Sunday joint. Salt is good for a cat, so if you’re concerned that the gravy you’ve made using a stock cube is too salty for your cat, don’t be. Cats will even appreciate bacon, although you ought to take care not to end up being excessive with the quantity of sodium in their diet: if uncertain, stay with prepared meals.

Though it may be nice to supply your cat with treats to show that you value his company, do not encourage your pet to beg when you find yourself at work in your kitchen. He can much too easily acquire negative eating habits, and you’ll discover that you are giving treats to drive him away from under your feet!