Herbal Treatments for Cats

Used with discernment, herbal products may help sustain cat’s health and wellbeing and support recuperation from sickness or injuries. They are perfect for owners who would like to steer clear of orthodox medications whenever feasible, and who favour the use of natural ingredients. Occasionally herbal treatments work extremely well as natural home remedies: in others it is best to seek advice from a veterinary surgeon that has been trained in the application of complementary treatments.

  • A number of plants that we don’t automatically think of as herbs have beneficial attributes. For example, the leaves, flowers and seeds of nasturtiums all have their uses: the plant has antibiotic properties.
  • Although herbs can be be extremely powerful tonics and remedies, they do take more time to act than orthodox treatments. You shouldn’t anticipate to see results for at least a fortnight.

Herb tonics and remedies are especially advantageous since the whole plant is utilized, not simply a plant extract, which is the case with orthodox treatments. Consequently additional beneficial chemicals inside the plant, such as vitamins and minerals, also bring about a therapeutic effect. For instance, dandelions are an outstanding source of some of the B vitamins and parsley includes ascorbic acid.

Evening primrose oil, popular because of its beneficial effects on people – especially females – has a similar impact on the health of cats. It is especially good for conditioning the hair and skin, is a rich source of vitamin E, and is employed to avoid as well as treat specific cardiovascular and blood disorders.

Although herbs are 100 % natural substances they still must be used with proper care. Always handle them as you would other medications whenever giving them to your cat, carefully following your vet’s guidance or the directions on the package.


Herbs can be utilized as tonics to enhance your cat’s health and physical appearance, in addition to an aid to recovery. A lot of those which are beneficial as tonics may be prepared in your own home, although proprietary forms should also be for sale through health food stores or pet stores as powders, creams, pills or tinctures. Nevertheless, do be sure to purchase only those preparations specifically produced for pet use and refer to the instructions on the packet. Never use formulations designed for human use.

Always seek advice from a vet if your cat is unwell or wounded. If orthodox treatment methods are required it could be feasible to make use of herbs as a supplementary treatment, but do ask your vet’s advice relating to this.


Herbs that are simple to grow and are beneficial as general tonics include parsley and dandelion, both of which stimulate the appetite and possess moderate diuretic qualities, and stinging nettle, also helpful as a diuretic and as a laxative. The leaves of stinging nettle and dandelion ought to be cooked, and then cut into small pieces and combined with meals. Parsley can be used in the same manner but doesn’t need cooking. When working with home-grown herbs, make certain they’ve not already been sprayed with inorganic pesticides.

  • A number of herbal treatments would be better given as infusions or decoctions, which can be put into food.
  • Infusions are made by putting 5m1 (1 tsp) of the dehydrated herb in a cup or dish and adding 1 cup of boiling water. Leave to stand for roughly twenty or so minutes, then strain and, if required, allow to cool even more. Unless otherwise specified, in severe instances, give 10m1 (2 tsp) twice daily for one week; for chronic disorders, give 10m1 (2 tsp) two times a day for 8 weeks.
  • Decoctions are made out of roots, bark and also other tough plant material. To prepare, place 15m1 (3 tsp) of the plant and 300m1 (½ pint) of water in a saucepan and boil for twenty minutes. Strain and cool and administer as directed for an infusion.
  • Lavender has a lengthy history of use, in scents, aromatherapy and herbalism. It has recently been discovered to possess therapeutic as well as germ killing attributes.