Pedigree Cat or Moggie – What is Best As A Pet

pedigree cat sphynx

pedigree cat sphynxWhether to buy a pedigree cat or a just get hold of a plain old moggie is quite a difficult one to answer one way or the other.  Listed here are advantages and disadvantages to each side of the debate, some more apparent than others, which, if you are as yet undecided, you need to weigh up thoroughly before making your choice. You need to think long and hard, though, since this is not a decision to be made lightly as, once it is made and the cat is installed in your house, you could have many years — probably well over 14 — to live with a pet cat.

Even the most aristocratic-looking of cats might have unwanted personality characteristics. Nevertheless, most breeders attempt to produce pedigrees that demonstrate fantastic character, as well as good looks.

Pedigree cats have moved into the limelight since World War II and there is today a much broader interest in breeds, partially due to the function of television.

All cats are aristocrats, not only pedigrees, so don’t be fooled into thinking that pedigree is always best.

Pedigree cats usually have more fragile health when compared with moggies.

Before you can make a smart choice as to which is the better choice for you – pedigree or non-pedigree cat – you will need, to begin with, to evaluate your objective in having a cat in the to begin with. Is it mainly due to the fact you are interested in showing or breeding cats, or is it merely an issue of company?


If what you truly desire is, basically, a feline friend with which you’ll want to begin a lengthy and close relationship, there is little reason for spending a lot of cash for a pedigree cat. Breeds for example Persians, Siamese and Burmese cats will often be targeted by robbers and are consequently constantly vulnerable to being stolen. A moggie might not have the venerable parentage of a pedigree, but it is the original fireside friend and may be just as attractive and companionable a pet as any pedigree.


If, alternatively, you are looking at showing and/or breeding cats, then clearly only a pedigree animal will suit your purposes for you and this will involve a costly preliminary expense.

Your following action will likely then be to choose which breed you like most when it comes to both visual appeal and temperament, and to locate a trustworthy cat breeder who focuses primarily on that particular breed. It can be worthwhile looking at the small ads in cat fanciers’ publications, and contacting the breed organizations, who are able to provide a directory of breeders.

You could have made the decision that you would like to have a cat as your companion, but have you thought about if you are suitable to be a human friend to a cat? Owning a pet cat is really a two-way matter, and you have to do your part, as well. You mustn’t undertake the purchase of a cat lightly –it’s a long-term obligation, and you must only take it on if you are ready to be serious about it. This is crucial if your cat is to be healthy and content.