The Foreign White Short-hair

The Foreign White Short-hair

The cat to surpass all other cats – that is how, naturally enough, the Foreign White Cat Fanciers’ Association describe this variety. It represents a dream come true for its pioneer breeders who, more than sixteen years ago started work on the development of a pure white blue-eyed cat with Siamese body type and sound, lovable temperament. Today it is clear that the careful and selective breeding by those early breeders has brought success, for judges regularly comment on the wonderful temperament of Foreign Whites; and the beauty of the breed, with its shining, glossy white coat, long svelte Siamese lines and deep, deep sapphire blue eyes is apparent for all to see.

The breed was recognized for Championship breed status in June 1977. The first Champion was John Harrison’s ‘Scintilla Jou-Lin’. The first Premier was Eileen Scott’s ‘Alexa Jasper’ and the first Grand Champion, Pat Turner’s ‘Scintilla his-Ch’i’.

At the 1977 Supreme Show of the GCCF (five months after full breed status had been granted) Scintilla his-Ch’i became Best Foreign Short-hair Kitten and finally Supreme Kitten. The following year the best Foreign Short-hair Kitten was again a Foreign White.

Not only are Foreign Whites successful at shows, they are also the most wonderful and lovable pets. In fact, ownership of a Foreign White is addictive, most owners deciding that two or more Foreign Whites must be better than one. For this reason kittens are usually in short supply and breeders with Siamese are often advised to mate their Siamese to a Foreign White stud rather than wait for a kitten from another breeder. Matings between Siamese and Foreign White produce 50 per cent Foreign White kittens.

Lists of Foreign White studs and kittens for sale are kept by the Foreign White Cat Fanciers’ Association. This club was formed by the breeders who developed the breed and members are offered a complete service of meetings, advice, annual medal awards, trophies for wins at shows and participation in a specialist show run by the club.