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Cats Guru, Blue Exotic – The dazzling copper-coloured eyes of the Blue Exotic make a striking contrast with its blue coat coloration. They have been rather unflatteringly nicknamed `pug cats’ because of their flat faces.

Cuddly and cute, it is little wonder that these cats have been likened to teddy bears. Although regarded as shorthairs, their coats fall approximately midway in length between those of American Shorthairs and Persian Longhairs, with both breeds having contributed to their ancestry. In fact, Exotic kittens closely resemble Persians when they are born, due to the length of their coats at this stage. The texture of the coat should be soft, plush and dense.

Cats Breeds Details

  • Breed Developed: 1960s
  • Country: USA
  • Type: Shorthair
  • Body Shape: Stocky and strong
  • Weighs Up To: 7kg / 15lb
  • Plus Point: Home-loving and affectionate
  • Watch Points: More frequent grooming required during the moult

The impact of the Persian Longhair has extended beyond the Exotic’s coat, and is reflected in various other aspects of the physical appearance of these cats as well. In fact, the Exotic is often described as a shorthaired Persian, thanks to the striking similarities between these breeds.

Similar Style Blue Exotic

Blue Exotic

Its head is large and rounded in shape, and it also has a cobby body shape, short, thick legs and a short tail. In terms of temperament too, the Exotic has inherited the placid, friendly nature of its longhaired ancestor. Such has been the impact of this breed, which has grown rapidly in popularity in the USA that breeders in Europe have now created their own breeds corresponding to the Exotic, by crossing their native pedigree shorthaired breeds with Persians.

In the case of the Blue, an even and relatively light colour is preferred, although kittens may be darker as youngsters and lighten with age. The paw pads and the nose are blue in colour as well, while the large, round eyes are brilliant copper.

The plush coat emphasises the rounded contours of these cats, adding to their appeal, but it should not be so profuse that it forms into tufts between the toes. There should be no hint of tabby markings on the coat.

  • The description of ‘Exotic’ was chosen in the USA because of the foreign input into the ancestry, by way of the Persian Longhair. Recognition was first given to the breed in 1966.
  • The compact nose can result in tear staining from the eyes down the fur at the inner corners of each eye.
  • When on the move, these cats tend to carry their tails straight, hanging down at a lower level than that of the back.

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