Feeding Fussy and Fat Cats

Cats Guru, Feeding Fussy and Fat Cats – Cats are such fussy feeders that once they have developed a taste for one kind of food, they will sometimes almost starve rather than change.

That is why it is probably best to feed them on a diet, scientifically prepared and tested specially for cats. But you will always find the awkward cusses who prefer to eat dog food. If it is a good quality food, it won’t do puss any harm.

The fussiness of cats is sometimes encouraged, even started by their owners. If you feed a cat on nothing but fish or meat you must add milk every day, give sterilized bone meal for calcium, meat extract for thiamine, and a teaspoonful of cod liver oil once a week for vitamins A and D.

So it certainly is simpler to wean your kitten on to a good branded product which contains all the essential cat nutrients.

Neutered cats sometimes get fat simply because they don’t take so much exercise, and become lazy and lethargic. All cats are rather lazy animals, though they seldom get fat.

If you give your cat starchy foods such as bread and potatoes and similar types of table scraps, cut these out. You can also cut down the quantity of food you give, providing you make sure that the quality, nutritionally, is adequate for health.

You may be giving your cat too much milk, so try cutting this down, making sure the cat has enough to drink, of course, and harden your heart about those table scraps and titbits in between meals. If your cat seems unwell and overweight, do take him to the vet for a check up.

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